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Exploring the business end of sports handicapping.

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Our business of handicapping blog features handicapper specific marketing tips, handicapping industry resources, Handicapper Solution's product updates and general insight on all things in the marketplace of handicapping. If you are a sports handicapper aiming to earn a living by selling picks and services, then William Foote's Business Of Handicapping blog is must read material.

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Domain Names and Fine Wine: The Values of Both Increase with Age

2nd October 2013 by William Foote

How can one show the search engines it is a legitimate business, is no fly by night or Spammer, and that it will be worth their while to index your content?  I can make a very strong argument that the easiest, most full proof way of doing so is by utilizing a domain name that has been around for a while. Read more…

9 Steadfast SEO Rules to Consider Before Launching A New Website

2nd October 2013 by William Foote

Needs to be proofed, but … Everyone has that laundry list of items that goes by the way side to make room for bigger and more seemingly important tasks. But sometimes, that list is composed of items that will make up the foundation for those more important tasks. Sure, grocery shopping doesn’t seem THAT important, but what are you going to do when you open the fridge at 8 p.m. and only moldy cheese and flat soda stare back at you?

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The Thought Process Behind the The Sports Handicapping Industry’s first B2B Marketplace

2nd October 2013 by William Foote is open for business. The Sports Handicapping Industry’s first B2B Marketplace has been on my mind for quite a while now. I see other industry’s thrive using this model and it has always frustrated me that we as handicapper’s do not leverage one another more in win/win type transactions.

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